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Winter skin care tips for dry skin and oily skin

If you feel cosmetics and creams are very expensive in the market, home remedies can help provide you moisturized skin during winter. In winter, many of us face the dry skin problem. In the winter the moisture in the skin goes down and skin becomes dry. Dry skin can be treated with moisturizers. There are many natural moisturizers are in the home like glycerin, honey milk.

We can use them directly to treat the dry skin problem in the winter. Dry skin leads to the skin irritation and chapped skin. As soon as possible dry skin can be treated. During winter, our skin tends to get dry due to the wind blowing outside. We human are needed to take different types of precautionary measure of our skin and health when weather and climate changes to protect us.

During winter, we suffer from dry skin, which gives rise to chapped and unhealthy skin. If you keep your skin untreated for a long time, this can also lead to leakage of blood due to excessive dryness. Follow this home remedies for glowing skin for brides.

People existing in this world has both dry and oily skin tone. Some people have a misconception that, if an individual have oily skin tone, they don’t have to suffer from dryness during winter due to extreme weather condition. But this is totally wrong concept.

The winter wind is so strong that even people with oily skin tone gets pulled out skin during this season. Thus, proper care is important for individuals with both oily and dry skin tone. Following are some of the ways through which you can take care of both oily and dry skin tone.

Winter skin care tips

  • Try to take the necessary diet in the winter. Try to add the fruit and fruit juice to your diet.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly on the face, lips, hands, legs.
  • Do not take the hot water baths. The hot water takes out the moisture in the skin then skin becomes dry. So try to avoid the hot and long baths in winter.
  • The chapped lips are one of the problems in this winter. Apply the petroleum to the chapped lips. Use the lip scrubs for the lip care in the winter.
  • Dry skin is the major problem in the winter. Use the natural moisturizer in the winter.
  • Try to cover the most of the body with the clothes. Do not expose the skin to the cold air.
  • Do not apply the makeup products with high alcoholic content. Do not use the beauty and hair styling products too much in winter.
  • Use the natural moisturizers like butter, oils, glycerin, etc., in the winter. Not to choose the chemical moisturizers.
  • Try to add the vitamin A, vitamin E rich foods in your diet.
  • Stay hydrated in the winter. Try to take the juices and drinks.

Home remedies for moisturized skin during winter

Egg yolk paste for winter skin care

These days’ people consume egg if they don’t find anything to consume. Rather, some people like egg and consumes it on a daily basis. Getting eggs in your refrigerator will be quite easy. You need to take out one egg, break it and pour it in a small container. You can easily see a yellow color egg yolk in the middle of while liquid. Slowly take out the yolk from the container without leaking it. Now, make a face pack with egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of milk powder. Mix the ingredients well and apply it over your face evenly, leaving eyes and lips. Keep the paste for 20 minutes and wash with simple tap water.

Rose with the honey face pack to protect skin in winter

You can get both rose water as well as honey at home readily. You need to take a small container where one teaspoon of honey is poured. Mix it with a single spoon of rose water and mix. Now apply this face pack on your face. Along with being a wonderful treatment for dry skin, this is also really effective in cleaning your skin and bringing out the natural glow to your face.


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