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Winter Shoe Trends

While we certainly enjoy checking out the trends on the runways, those with the shoe fetish will be happy to know the main fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoe trends, effectively making a shopping spree rather imperative come late summer. So while you begin to plan the wardrobe for the year, we have put together a comprehensive list of what exactly to look for when setting up you ensembles.

Think classy and trashy at the same time, multiple decades blending into one. There are few entirely new looks and many which have been recycled and redone to match the year’s needs and general mood, one which has moved away from the 1970s Western for the most part, but still retains residues, and incorporated the ‘80s and ‘90s a whole lot more, while focusing on the futuristic as well.

It is a season of intriguing creations and the fall generally sets the stage for the coming year, which meant the pointy shoes will be giving way to something more on the rounded square feel we can assume. Platforms, straps, buckles, and lots of texture are all to be expected. It is not only interesting but also quite appealing altogether.

The top fall/ winter trendy shoes to look out for when shopping include:

1: Pointy Toes


One of the biggest fall 2016 shoe trends is the use of the pointy toe, though we did notice some rounding off in a few places. The pointed aspect is much more on the chic side, despite being more painful to your feet over time. It appears throughout, from plain black boots seen at Emilio Pucci to the suede ankle shoes with the lacing on top as seen at Alexander Wang.

The pointed toes exist just about everywhere really, from sequined shoes to leather pumps, Western styles to futuristic designs. It is the top trend of the fall and winter seasons!

Pointy toes and rounded heels with some ankle straps added to the ankle boots at Narciso Rodriguez are simply delectable and we can officially agree that plain white with pointy toes is the best footwear route for the fall and winter!

2: Open Toes


If the footwear has closed toes, chances are it is pointy. But then again, apparently it is rather normal to be wearing multiple layers and have on some warm tight as well, but keep the toes open. As such, the sandal looks stay in style for the fall and winter seasons, despite the chill, requiring a good long vacation to a really warm country instead.

Prada comes in with a colorful piece that includes aqua straps, a large golden buckle, and a black body, the only piece of skin shown other than the neck and the hands being the toes.

Shimmering aspects were added at Alexander McQueen to add to its evening perfection and match with those darling shimmering see-through dresses, while there were some rather interesting open toe combinations, including with socks, at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

3: Shoes with Multiple Buckled Straps


If you like the gladiator look, love the strappy shoes and are all for the silver hued hardware added everywhere, you will absolutely adore the rather stripper-like 8-inch-high heels with the platforms from Marc Jacobs, appearing in blacks and greys and some lovely reptile skin textures. Multiple buckles come into play at Nicopanda, details over the lace-up shoes with the ribbons out back and the red suede body.

Multiple buckled straps appear to make for the loveliest in evening pumps for fall 2016, complete with playful patterns at Altuzarra, effectively transitioning one from the summer months to the closed fall without sacrificing on the beauty of fashionable footwear. Furthermore, instead of the traditional buckles you can opt for the clickable designs that would make a four strapped mid-calf height partial boot quite the look to invest in.

4: Big Buckles


If you love metal hardware in any sense of the word, you will adore the use of large buckles or buckles in general that are pretty much a top footwear trend for fall 2016. From Prada’s open-toe looks to the rather intriguing over-the-ankle boots at Burberry, the appearance of large buckles, especially in gold colors, was satisfying.

There is something extremely gorgeous about seeing the triple buckles along the side of the Temperley boots that are a cross between over the ankle and mid-calf, the pointy toes adding to the attractiveness of the piece, while its combination with the clothing worn is superb. There are some interesting big buckled details on some of the Anna Sui thigh-high boots as well, which lend the velvety look an even richer background.

5: Wear Your Shoes With Socks


Shoes and booties worn with socks might not be the first style you think of, but it is one of the most common fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoe trends on the runways, no matter what type of creation adorns your feet. That includes the Tommy Hilfiger chunky heels versions of a rounded toe metallic hued shoe, the over-the-ankle rocker piece with the lacing and Western stylization, the checked stockings that are seen with the low heeled old timer pieces from Thom Browne to the golden ankle hugging sandals at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

There are too many designers using this particular trend to count right now, but perhaps a good favorite is the T-bar d’Orsay pairs with the chunky heels and the white bodies from Edun, worn with white socks that scrunch around the ankles, appearing as a modern version of our childhood footwear when we visited church on Easter holidays.

6: Lace-Up Footwear


We see a whole lot of the lacing on the clothing as well as the fall 2016 footwear. When it comes to the latter, boots are the more prominent creations using this trend and definitely looking lovely. We thought that the gladiator pieces would be going out of style soon but we were mistaken it appears. With a few updates to the overall looks of the footwear, we can easily say that gladiator boots are here to stay for quite a while longer.

In the meantime, picking up a black suede rounded pointy-toe pair from Prada should do the trick. Add in some over the ankle laced-up looks and some sneakers with the lacing, the former spotted at Thom Browne and the latter at Nicopanda, and you have some lovely warmer day pieces to wear out while still looking quite casual.

Casual chic takes on new meaning at Rag & Bone though, where the white merges with black and the golden hardware adds an air of wealth to the style. We see some lovely lacing over the shimmering chunky heeled shoes found at Tommy Hilfiger, adding a touch of feminine grace to the design. As for the touch of medieval royalty to the suede creations, we have to put that all on Anna Sui, laced-up calf-length designs and all.


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