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Why does your ear piercing suddenly start smelling?

A gorgeous pair of ear rings looks amazing but what is that smell of rotten cheese in the holes of your ears? Turns out, it is a mix of natural oils and skin cells getting clogged in the holes of your ears. Luckily you can clean the piercing with an anti bacterial soap to remove any skin cells that collect on your jewellery and cause the odour, says dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah.

Also, along with the smell, if your piercings get itchy all of a sudden, you are probably allergic or sensitive to the material in your ear rings. If you experience redness and discharge, you must opt for stainless steel or hypoallergenic ear rings. Do not wear nickel as you might have a reaction to it. Here’s what you should be doing to keep new piercings free of irritation and smell.

Never touch your piercings with dirty hands: Imagine touching a dirty door and some currency notes and then touching your ears with the same hand. Doing this, you are just transferring whatever was on your door and the notes to your ears. Here are 7 tips to ensure safe body piercings.
Keep your bed sheets clean: Any dander in your bed sheet can easily transfer from the sheath to the healing skin. Your wound can take a lot of time to heal so you must keep your surroundings as clean as possible for your piercing to not smell, itch or hurt.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the piercing: Also, do not use any harsh chemical to sterilize the area. Avoid alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other strong chemical at any cost. The best idea is to clean the area around your piercing with a mild fragrance-free liquid soap to prevent all the irritation and smell. We bet you did not know these 7 things about ear piercing.



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