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What is the meaning behind Christmas Jumper Day

It was once seen as the ultimate fashion faux pas.

Brightly coloured garish knitwear featuring images of Santa, reindeer, elves or the cheesiest of Christmas sayings was previously just for the most festive on Christmas Day or for Mark Darcy’s cringeworthy appearance in Bridget Jones.

But the day to don your most festive outfit with pride is almost upon us – and wearers get to raise money to help children across the world at the same time.




When is Christmas Jumper Day?

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The annual Christmas Jumper Day fundraising campaign will take place on Friday 15th December.

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

On a specific Friday in December every year, people are encouraged to make the world better with a sweater and raise funds for Save the Children by wearing a Christmas jumper and making a minimum donation of £1

The fundraising even first launched in 2012 and has seen many charitable children and adults donning their favourite festive knitwear for the occasion.

There are no rules for Christmas jumpers – the more festive the better, with even jumpers that light up fair game.

This particular Father Christmas is more Bad Santa as he appears to be urinating the words: “Merry Christmas”, scrawled in a wee-yellow font.

The picture was shared on Reddit via Imgur by angryhamzter, with the caption: “Accidentally sent my son to school wearing his newly bought sweater.

“Didn’t realize what Santa was doing until his kindergarten teacher pointed it out to me when I picked him up.”


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