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Trends to Stop Buying and Start Trying, According to Fashion Week

Hello, beloved trash pandas (raccoons, for the uninitiated). Welcome to the end of New York Fashion Week and the beginning of spring anticipation, a juncture at which you might very well find yourself in a shopping mood. You might also very well be asking yourself what trends from last season are Rip Van Winkling (my new term for when trends go to sleep for a bit, with full expectations to revive in a decade or so, neither “in” nor “out” but perhaps temporarily less discussed) and what new ones are gunning to take their place in the upper echelons of our collective shopping carts and Instagram feeds.

That’s where I come in, your handy dandy fashion forecaster, to predict where things will land in this seasonal reshuffling. Below you will find a list of senior trends on the cusp of reaching their point of saturation and graduating from the zeitgeist, along with the names of incoming freshman marching in to fill their seats.

Graduating Senior: Ankle boots

Incoming Freshman: Knee-high cowboy boots

Based on my recollection, ankle boots have been gradually trickling away from most runways and street style round-ups for the past few years. It’s been kind of been a boot free-for-all in the interim…UNTIL NOW. New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2018 collections and attendees alike put forth a very clear impending boot trend winner: knee-high cowboy boots, seen at Creatures of Comfort, Tibi, Frame and Zimmermann, among others. Giddy-up.

Graduating Senior: Leggings

Incoming Freshman: Sweatpants

Leggings have been many a human’s off-duty athleisure uniform of choice for…well…about as long as the word athleisure has existed, I’d say. When coupled with loafers and a blazer, or a big sweater and fun mules, a leggings-centric look can lean in the leisure direction quite swimmingly. But I should have known a powerful seed was planted the day Gigi Hadid wore sweatpants tucked into boots and the internet freaked out, because lo and behold, I saw that very outfit replicated (and decidedly elevated) at Rosie Assoulin’s presentation.

Graduating Senior: Fishnet tights

Incoming Freshman: Colored tights

I know saying something is “everything” is a little bit eye-rolly when it comes to fashion, but seriously, COLORED TIGHTS were EVERYWHERE during fashion week. My favorite example appeared at Saks Potts, wherein frequent Man Repeller model Alicia Bansal was wearing smurf-blue tights to match her ice-blue coat. For a while I really thought fishnets were going to have an extended moment in the sun as the fun “It” stocking du jour, but now I can confidently say Crayola tights are claiming the throne. I’ll take a whole rainbow of them, please and thank.

Graduating Senior: Camo jackets

Incoming Freshman: Animal print jackets

eandra campaigned for the camo jacket last spring, and I subsequently searched high and low for the perfect one to pair with floral tea-length dresses and such. But I never ended up buying one, and I’m glad I didn’t, because animal-print outerwear is about to be the thing, I can feel it. Just kidding, that’s a lie, I can SEE it: zebra (Adam Selman) and tiger (also Adam Selman) and leopard (Tom Ford) and even some cow (Kate Spade) all made a multitude of appearances of the past week. I sort of love the fact that with camo retiring and animal print hiring, we’re going to go from looking like we’re on safari to looking like we’re in one.

Graduating Senior: Millennial pink

Incoming Freshman: Hot pink

Hot pink officially eclipsed millennial pink as the trendiest pink about town, spearheaded by Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson and Oscar de la Renta. I’m pretty psyched, personally, because millennial pink was starting to feel more common than black and therefore in need of some competition by means of its slightly garish cousin.


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