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Tips on Growing a Stunning Vertical Garden

An apartment building in a thriving neighborhood with all the benefits of urban life can be great. But, when you want a taste of nature, you have to take a long walk to the park. Vertical gardening gives you the beauty, smell, and benefits of nature without leaving home.

Vertical gardens are customizable to your space and lifestyle. If you don’t have time for high-maintenance decor, you can choose low-maintenance plants, pots, and watering systems. This article will guide you through growing a vertical garden.

The Process of Growing a Vertical Garden

It’s simple enough once you decide on the type of vertical garden you want and where you are going to put it.

You also need to pay close attention to the type of plants that you want and the amount of sunlight they require. This helps determine where each plant goes in your vertical garden. More details are given below:


This is where you can make the best use of your creativity. Your gardening container of choice can be anything from a flowerpot to an old dresser drawer. Here are some commonly used container types:

  • Hanging pots: You can set small flower pots on support strings and tie the strings to a well-hinged rod.
  • Recycled bottles: You can place a soda bottle on its side and cut out an oval along one side and fill the bottle with soil. You can place many such bottles on an open shelf or tie it to a clothesline and let it hang. Make sure that the bottle is capped.
  • Crates: Crates can be stacked and supported by each other to display any form: pyramids, rectangles, or any custom design. Make sure that the assembly is structurally strong.
  • Pocket: Pockets are made from canvas. The whole assembly can be hung on or attached to a wall. Each pocket needs to be a considerable size to accommodate a small plant. Watering the plants can get dirty considering that canvas cannot fully absorb water. But if you are very cautious it can be done neatly.


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