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This is what these 6 different sleeping positions say about your relationship

Apparently the way you sleep beside your partner at night can tell you a lot about your relationship.

A piece in the Daily Star with “bed expert” Steve Pickering, who is the MD of family-run firm Sussex Beds, explains what six different positions mean for your love life.

They are all fairly positive so no need to freak out. Read the six explanations here:


1. Cuddle with Head on Chest

Sleeping on your partner’s chest is a position mostly associated with new couples and can represent passionate love. Pairs who sleep like this may value skin-on-skin contact over quality of sleep.

2. Opposite Sides of the Bed

Although it looks less intimate, couples who sleep spaced apart are close and independent in their relationship, as well as connected and secure in themselves.

3. Spooning

The classic, romantic position shows one partner is protective of the other, as the big spoon shields the smaller one.
4. Spooning Without Touching

Similar to spooning but with space between you, adopted by couples further into their relationship with the big spoon showing they have their partner’s backs.

5. Back-to-back but touching

This may look more separated as partners but actually this pose signifies a good relationship. They maintain contact without being on top of each other.

6. The Needy Spoon

The person who moves slowly all the way across the bed and takes the big spoon to be closer to their partner. This can reveal one of two things: the person being chased wants to be pursued, or is playing hard to get.


Of course, this is potentially a load of rubbish, but it’s certainly something to think about as you go to bed tonight.



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