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This is the “It” Tree in Nursery Design

This is the “It” Tree in Nursery Design:
oh woodland nurseries, how we adore you! From the rustic designs that seem to transport you into the forest, to a more modern take that adds texture with nature-inspired prints and patterns, we love the versatility of the woodland theme and all of the possibilities it holds. And one of our favorite trends in these spaces—rustic and modern alike—is the use of birch trees to add a real wow factor into the design. Here are some of our favorite examples of birch tree nursery decor that we spotted in the gallery.

Elmsavers Tree Treatments

Find a picture to use as a reference that resembles the tree you plan to paint. Decide on the location where it will be painted in the nursery. It helps to already know what furniture will be used and where it will be placed in the room. A tree can be used to fill an empty space, or the tree can be painted around existing furniture.
Use chalk to mark off the wall area where the tree will be painted; your chalk outline can also help indicate boundaries your tree should not pass.
Use painter’s tape or masking tape to block out the basic area of the tree trunk and branches. Tape should be at least one and one-half times the width of the eventual branches. The tree trunk should be widest at the base and gradually taper toward the top. Tree branches are widest at the point extending from the trunk, and taper to a point at the end of the branch. Pay close attention to how the limbs branch: Trees usually branch unevenly into one or two branches, not three. Divide the branches as many times as you wish, but continue to make the outer branches shorter and thinner.
Use a pencil to draw an outline of the tree branches on the tape. Use a hobby knife to cut along the outline of the tree drawn on the tape. Peel away the inside portion to create a stencil.
Use a small wallpaper edge roller to roll down the edges of the tape stencil. Try to get a good, tight seal to the wall. Paint inside the stencil to create the tree branches. Let the paint dry completely before removing the tape.


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