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The Women’s Fitness 3-Day Detox Cleanse

A short detox can make a massive difference to how you feel for weeks afterwards. Not only is weight loss inevitable, as you’ll lose excess fluid, but a cleanse will also reset your energy, improve your concentration and clear up skin niggles.

We don’t advise diving in at the deep end straight away – you’ll get better results if you do some prep work first, so we recommend putting a few pretox strategies in place at least five days beforehand. This involves phasing out certain types of foods, along with undertaking a few lifestyle changes. We’ve also listed handy what-to-do advice in case you get stuck and some simple after-care tips. Ready to feel great again? You’re just three days away from a new you!

Pretox Must-Dos
Prepare for your cleanse with these top tips

Sleep more
Sleep is a prerequisite for renewal and rejuvenation of your body’s cells. Aim to get around eight to nine hours of shut-eye to support your immune system and nourish your cognitive health.

Say goodbye to sugar
Five days before starting the detox, cut out the obvious sources of sugar like ready meals, chocolate, sweets, biscuits and the biggie: booze. Whatever your tipple of choice, alcohol will dehydrate you and deplete your body of important nutrients.

Limit wheat
Wheat is difficult for your body to digest and can cause inflammation and some digestive discomfort, so instead try to replace wheat from breads and cereals with protein-rich foods like yoghurt and eggs.

Go plain and simple
Five days before starting our food plan, keep your diet simple with easy to digest foods. Think porridge with berries and seeds for breakfast, baked sweet potato with tuna and salad for lunch and lean meat and steamed veggies for dinner. Make a shopping list before hitting the supermarket so you load up on healthy food rather than treats.

Drink up
Keep your body hydrated with water – around 1.5 litres per day should do it. This will help to flush out toxins, clear skin and reduce bloating. Aim to cut caffeine too, as it releases the stress hormone cortisol, which increases abdominal fat.

During The Detox
Healthy advice to help you get the most out of the plan

Wake your body
Kick-start your digestive system by drinking a cup of warm water with lemon first thing.

Body brush
Dry brush before your bath or shower, starting from the soles of your feet and moving upwards, as this kind of lymphatic massage helps to detoxify, too.

Sip water regularly
Continue to drink 1.5 litres of water and sip on nurturing herbal teas.

Have an Epsom salt bath
Have a hot bath or foot soak with Epsom salts in the evening to help your body release toxins.

After-care rules
Top tips to maximise your results post-detox

Take it slowly
Ease yourself back into three meals a day slowly, keeping the good stuff in your diet as much as possible. Leafy salads and white fish, veggie soups and chicken with roasted veggies are all excellent choices.

Green up your diet
Eat something green at every meal (think kale, spinach, watercress) as the green veggie family can really help to keep your liver ticking over. Plus, greens can help regulate your body’s natural pH and may even help ward off disease.

Try eating fermented foods
Gut-friendly fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are a useful addition to a balanced diet, as they increase levels of healthy bacteria, which help to keep bloating at bay.

Get sweating!
Exercise is just what the body needs following a detox. A good sweat session helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body, so combine high-intensity workouts like running, cycling with low-key yoga for the perfect balance.


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