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The Nail Care Market: Trends & Innovations in 2016

The global nail care market continues to grow at an annual rate of 6%, according to Kline. Agnieszka Saintemarie, Kline’s project manager, Consumer Practice, recently shared several key insights in Beauty Packaging’s January/February feature article, What’s Trending for Nails?

In the story, Saintemarie spoke to Beauty Packaging about nail art – fueling the demand for stamps, wraps, tools and accessories.

Now, Kline’s report published in March 2016, Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief reveals even more insights about several new product innovations and nail categories that are on the rise.

Long-Wear Lacquer Beats All

Brands offer long-wear nail polish for both at-home and professional use. Typically, the lacquers used and sold in salons are formulated to last for the longest time.

Kline’s report explains that long-wear formulas are a new category – hybrids that combine regular nail polish with gel formulations. These products don’t need to cure with a light source.

The long-wear nail polish category grew in 2015 by triple digits, while sales of gel polish slowed – proving that nail polish users prefer the ease-of-use of a hybrid polish over a gel formula that has to be cured, and are also concerned about damaging their nails. This rise in sales also boosted sales in the professional nail care market overall, according to Kline.

CND’s Vinylux, owned by Revlon, pioneered the long-wear category in 2013 – and many other brands followed suit.

New Treatments in Nail Care

The Nail Treatment category has grown by 7% globally, according to Kline. IBX is one example. “IBX is an innovative nail repair system that has been expanding across all regions and driving sales in the Nail Care category,” says Saintemarie.

Innovative Nail Polish Removal Options for Pros

Nail polish removal is an area of growing concern for salon professionals and their customers, Kline’s report states, due to the increased use of gel and long wear polish. New removal options range from peel-off base coats to steamers, according to Saintemarie, making the Removal category the most innovative right now, in the entire nail care market.

Brands are creating unique removal techniques that won’t damage nails like the use of acetone or filing often does. “A professional manicurist will warm up an acetone-based removal solution in a steamer. The steam that is created helps to remove gels and acrylics more easily,” Saintemarie explains.

New types of removal products include The Painted Nail’s Steam Off and Gel II’s Steam Gel-Polish Removal System.

Saintemarie also mentions that CND recently launched the Xpress5 Top Coat, which enables CND Shellac to come off in five minutes. Other brands, including Akzentz, Nubar, and Cuccio, have started offering foil wraps for the easy removal of soak-off gels and gel polishes.

The Professional Market Vs. Products for At-Home Use

Since there are so many long-wear nail polish options now, including gel kits with lamps designed for at-home use, how are professional nail salons competing?

“The professional market is going back to a focus on acrylic nails instead of gels, since the technique cannot easily be replicated at home,” says Saintemarie.

What’s Next?

Kline predicts that new, innovative product launches, as well as competition between professional nail care marketers, will continue to affect the professional nail care market’s growth in the coming years.

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