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The Green House: a new building revolution

We only have one world to live in. Everywhere we go, people are more aware of their carbon footprint, choosing not to deplete natural resources without a thought about how they will be replenished. This awareness is leading to lifestyle changes that can be described as a new era in building the American dream. The era of the Green House. But what makes a house green?

Some households are switching to organic products as a way to keep toxins from entering the earth, the water supply and the food chain. What started as a preference for organic food, has led to organic, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Decor, linens and bedding made from natural materials are easier to find than ever.

It’s not just furnishings. Entire houses are being built with environmentally friendly materials. Walls and floors are made of sustainable or reclaimed wood. The windows are designed to keep the energy bill down, and houses come equipped with tankless water heaters and solar panels. Self-sufficient homes with the ability to generate their own energy and reclaim water or recycle liquid waste.

Creating an eco-friendly lifestyle stretches into the kitchen where more of the foods we eat are organic and also more healthy. The Green Home will often have an organic garden where residents can grow their own vegetables and herbs. Even city-dwellers are getting into the act with a new movement in urban gardening and community grow lots.


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