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Tattoo lovers take body art to the extreme by inking designs on their FACE

Big Brother’s Marco Pierre White Jr recently had his mystery girlfriend’s initials inked on his forehead

TATTOO lovers are taking body art to the extreme by inking designs on their face.

Big Brother’s Marco Pierre White Jr is a fan of the daring trend and recently had his mystery new girlfriend’s initials written on his forehead.

The 22-year-old model, who is the son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, took to his Snapchat page to show followers his new tatt, which he captioned: “F for the girlfriend.”
Tattoo on face Tattoo on face01Marco is clearly a fan of face inkings and also has a star and a feather design on his head.

But the reality star isn’t the only lover of this bold body art.

People have taken to Instagram to share selfies of their elaborate, colourful emblems.

A grey-haired woman showcased her floral face tatt that starts on her forehead, continues down her cheeks and ends on her neck.

She has also had skull-like teeth inked above her lips.

Tattoo on face02 Tattoo on face03 Tattoo on face04A body art fanatic posed for a snap in a tattoo parlour that showcased his face, neck and hand inkings. Standout deigns on his face include a sword, a lightning bolt, leopard print and a small bird.

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