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Protecting Plants From Dogs: Keeping Dogs Away From Garden Plants

Man’s best friend isn’t always the garden’s best friend. Dogs may trample down plants and break stems, they may dig up plants, and they just might decide that your prize peony is their favorite potty spot. Keeping dogs away from garden plants can seem like a never-ending battle. Continue reading for some tips on how to keep dogs from damaging prized plants.

Protecting Plants from Dogs The internet is full of forums and discussion groups with gardeners asking for or sharing tips on protecting plants from dogs. Some of the tips are so simple you may wonder why you hadn’t thought of that yourself. Other tips are such outside-the-box that you never would’ve thought of that.

One such tip, from the Louisiana SPCA, is to blow up some balloons and bury them where your dog has a habit of digging. When the dog digs at it and pops the balloons, the noise will scare it off and hopefully teach it to be wary of the spot in the future. Naturally, with some dogs, it may take a few popped balloons before the lesson sinks in. Here are some other ideas for keeping dogs away from garden plants:

Here are some other ideas for keeping dogs away from garden plants: Fencing If your yard is large enough, you can simply create a specific area for your dog, away from the garden. Decorative garden fences have become popular garden accents and there is really no law that says you cannot run a cute little picket fence down the middle of your backyard to give Fido his own play space while keeping the garden safe at the same time. In the doggy play area, include toys to keep him/her entertained and create a dirt bed where your dog is allowed to dig and use the bathroom. This way when you are out in your garden digging, Fido can feel like helping out by digging in his or her own space. Just make sure the fence is tall enough that your dog can’t just leap right over it. If your yard is not big enough to create a specific dog-zone, you can still put decorative but functional garden fences around specific garden beds to keep dogs out. Of course, the problem with this is that smaller border plants may never be seen behind the fence and it could also cast shade on plants that would rather have sun. To protect specific prized plants, you can simply put a decorative fence, chicken wire cage, obelisk or other plant cage/support around that one plant that Fido always seems to mess with.


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