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Plants That Grow on Walls

Plants that like to be up against the wall:

Tight against the walls, life is beginning to stir. The Euphorbia characias are arching their tufted necks, the cluster of lime-green bells already visible. I planted a huddle of seedlings gathered from a particularly good form in a client’s garden and this is their first year to flower. They are a sign that things are moving, and I am grateful, for just inches away it is still deep midwinter.

Walls are an asset, but there are few here that are plantable. My ladder from London, which I used to fear to roll out to its full height, is redundant, sailing over the gutters. I can pamper and enjoy the wintry forms of a couple of wall-trained pears which I will train out laterally, a tier a year, to either side of the door, and carefully between the widows. I have five pear trees already growing heartily in the new orchard, but the heat of these walls will suit a “Beurre Hardy”. The flower will be there to greet early bees in the first warm sunshine and we will pick fruits warmed by the heat reflected back by the stone.


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