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Passionate Nail Shapes With Alluring Designs

Is life boring and lacking passion, It’s probably because you don’t have the right nails shape. Passionate nail shapes with alluring designs is just the way you want them to be. Whether long or short, square or oval, nails can be filed in any beautiful shape you can dream off.

Read along to find out how to shape nails perfectly and draw that mad attention on YOU! Nail art isn’t that hard, you just need to enjoy it.

Here Is The List Of 10 Passionate Nail Shapes of 2017 with Alluring Designs.



Oval acrylic nails shape is extremely gorgeous and it tops the chart of everyone’s favourite acrylic nail shapes. It combines the qualities of square, rounded and almond shape in a way that their imperfections are squared off. With this nail shape, you get an ideal feminine look, well durability of rounded nails and best looks of squared design as well; all are combined in one single nail shape “OVAL” you see plain nails can get you sad, shape up beautiful!

With the appeal of oval shaped nails, you can’t help but adore your nails! It’s elegant, strong and less accident- prone shape, as the game never stops unless the nail breaks! Suits every nail types and length, just the perfect frame for creating classic nail art designs.

A Girl Without Beautiful Nails Is Like A Night Without Romance!


Round acrylic nails shape is one of the classic types of acrylic nails and is ideal for short nails for a classic lady, many girls like this short acrylic nail shape this back to school, old-fashioned beauty never leaves the trend anyway!

Durability is the second name babe. Smooth and round nails are not easy to break and so that classic lady with that straight walk, s**y by all means!


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