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Nine interior design trends that are coming in 2018

If you’re all about rest and relaxation, you’ll be really glad next year. That’s because the in thing, when it comes to furniture, are the big ones that helps you relax more. Just imagine your weekends, with your favorite book in one hand and a cup of coffee in another as you sit back in a large sofa chair. Now isn’t that the ideal way for you to spend your time? Before the new year comes, better start scouring every store and online shop to find those huge and laid-back furniture right away.

There’s just something about a home that’s well-lit. It’s livelier and has a certain character you can’t deny. This is the reason why you need to install huge windows to let more of the sun’s light into your home. Your interiors will benefit from the additional brightness to drive any trace of gloom away. Plus, everything will seem warmer and being motivated will be no problem at all.

At the same time, using window frames that have a minimalist design will really look astounding inside your home. These frames highlight your windows without causing any further distractions. This design element will really look amazing and complement your outdoor landscapes or gardens well.

2018 will be the year when brown and beige will make their comeback and invade the interior design scene. These colors are far from the loud ones some people use inside their homes. At the same time, they are also different from cooler shades because they exhibit an earthy tone for your homes. Brown and beige exude a sense of quiet strength and calmness that is commonly associated with elements of the earth. If you’re looking for new colors to place inside your home, brown and beige are your best bets for 2018.

Painting your walls with murals and decorations seems to be a thing of the past. When 2018 hits, wallpapers will be the hottest thing again. This kind of design element will be homeowners’ preferred choice to add flair and style to their homes. Better clean and prep your walls as soon as possible folks. Get them ready for a new wallpaper so your new year will come in style.

Now would be a good time to research on plants that can be placed inside your home. In 2018, organics will be a hot topic when it comes to interior design circles. Organics, such as plants and flowers, make your home have an outdoor feel. These organics add nature’s best without overpowering the sanctity of your house. Just make sure to water them daily and check out for any sign of pests to prevent any trouble in your residence.

We know you have a lot of belongings inside your home. There could be so many items that you can lose track one or several of them easily. Of course, you can go for storage boxes to keep them in but they would look out of place inside your home. A clever interior design idea is to install some shelves on your walls. This will help you store your important belongings or hobby collection in a place that’s safe and easy to locate.

When it comes to shelves, the in thing next year would be to use shelves with a minimalist design. This means these shelves are exactly geometrical in shape and doesn’t have any curves in them. A combination of these shelves inside your home will make everything seem neater and more organized.

A common fixture in Asia, this type of lantern is poised to conquer the interior design scene this 2018. Rather than going for a conventional lighting fixture for your dining room, a huge paper lantern will certainly add something incredible to your interiors. This lighting fixture has a lot of character and gathering anyone under this lantern over a meal will surely be a great experience.

There’s just something about paintings that use a monochromatic color that speaks to you. Without all of the clutter and distraction other paintings and artworks bring, you can easily comprehend monochromatic decorations without having a headache. You just need to set them on a blank wall, adorn them with a minimal amount of other decorations, and your interiors will look so much better.

Pillows with black and white stripes

Some people would go for pillows with loud designs and colors. This 2018, the focus would be on simplicity and lessening all the complications in your home. One such element you might be interested in is getting pillows with black and white stripes.

Place these pillows on your living room and bedroom and you’ll notice a much more relaxing feel to these areas. Of course, don’t forget to consider your wall paint color and other interior design elements for these pillows to fully blend in your home. You might also want to check how to make your home cooler in order to beat the heat.


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