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Method Dressing: How to Make Your Outfits Consistently Stylish

Here’s the good news about method dressing: You’re probably already doing it. But to harness its power, you need to understand which type of dressing model you follow. We learned about it from one our favorite minimalist fashion sites,Into Mind, and had to share it with you. Method dressing will allow you make smarter shopping choices, which will lead to a wardrobe of outfits that are ultimately more stylish.

Read on to discover which approach (or combination of approaches) you use to get dressed in the morning so you can start benefiting from the outfit-enhancing effects!

DRESSINGAre you able to mix and match almost every item in your closet and they’ll look more or less good together? This is a modular approach to dressing. Many men unknowingly follow this approach—they have a collection of button-downs or T-shirts and jeans or pants that all pretty much go together, and they can pair any top with any bottom. This approach is used by women too, though, and works best with a wardrobe that shares a cohesive style and color scheme—for example classic, tailored pieces in neutral colors with pops of camel, blush, and cranberry. If this approach resonates with you, shop for pieces that fit into your overall vision of your closet and work with pieces you already own.
White top: Zara Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Shirt ($50)
Navy camisole: Costume National Silk Top ($320)
Red top: Rag & Bone Gabrielle Printed Silk-Twill Shirt ($495)
Jeans: Frame Denim Le Garcon Amherst Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans ($131)
Gray skirt: Acne Studios Wrap-Effect Wool-Blend Felt Mini Skirt ($375)
Black trousers: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pencil Stretch Cotton-Blend Tapered Pants($350)




You follow the set-outfits approach if you usually pair certain items together, and rarely mix and match. While some people wear set outfits from head to toe, sets can also include just a couple of items, such as a specific belt that you love wearing with your boyfriend jeans. If this approach sounds like you, it can be helpful to organize your closet by pairing the items that you like to wear together, rather than putting all tops together and all bottoms together. When shopping, if one of the items in your favorite set outfit is wearing out or low-quality, consider investing in a nicer version.


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