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Meditation tips to skin awesomeness

It is a known fact that skin ailments are often associated with mental dysfunction. Skin conditions like breakouts, acne, eczema, and psoriasis are all related to stress that accumulates and disturbs the hormonal and enzyme balance of the body. Dry, rough, blistered, sallow, dark and blotchy skins with an abundance of wrinkles are all symptoms of mental stress. Mental depression can also take the form of weight loss and thus cause damage to the skin.

The science of Psycho-dermatology uses meditation techniques to keep your skin glowing and smooth. Meditation is a medical and mental technique during which you send healing energy consciously or subconsciously to your body and the skin. This healing energy acts in several ways such as making you calm and therefore content. The effect of being focused becomes apparent on the face and the skin. The process is easy and can work for all and sundry without requiring payment or expensive equipment. Some techniques for successful meditation are:

Setting a timer: When you close your eyes and concentrate inwards the passage of time is often slowed down- minutes seem like hours. It is therefore advisable that you set a timer to tell you when your allotted time for meditation is over. Meditation in this form also helps in concentration and building discipline.

Body Scan: A very important part of meditation is being conscious of your body. While sitting a lotus position for better meditation you should concentrate on every organ of the body, starting with the legs and moving up. The healthy functioning of each organ is vital for your health, and meditation has psychological and physiological effects on your skin.

Breathing: Breathing is a very important part of meditation. The flow of air in and out of the body is the first place where you should concentrate while meditating. Watching your breath flow in and out helps you become aware of your skin and thus rejuvenates it.

Belly technique: The importance of food is paramount while considering a healthy and glowing skin. The awareness of the belly which includes the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen causes the food to be digested well thereby improving your health. A healthy body reflects with a healthy skin glow.

Focus: The brain often wanders off when you are meditating. Various thoughts play around in your head. It is therefore necessary to acquire the discipline and dedication needed to successfully invigorate your skin. Being calm and peaceful will reduce pimples on your face, leaving the skin smooth and un-scarred. Both, meditation along with the correct skincare products can keep acne at bay.


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