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I Committed the Most Common Skin Care Sins for a Week — Here’s What Happened

I have a confession to make: I occasionally skip washing my face for days at a time. As someone who writes about beauty for a living, I definitely know better. But after spending eight-plus hours in the office and hitting up the gym or happy hour after work, sometimes my skin care routine just goes out the window when I get home. TBH, I rarely ever wear makeup, so my skin doesn’t look all that worse for wear when I steer clear of cleanser. (You could say I’m #blessed.)

It turns out there are plenty of women out there who have even worse beauty habits than I do, though. According to a recent Dermalogica survey of 1,000 women, not only have 23 percent gone more than three days without washing their faces, but 42 percent also admitted applying new makeup over day-old makeup and 24 percent reported bypassing post-workout cleanses. Oh, and 54 percent said they’ve stained their sheets after sleeping in their makeup.

So, in the name of journalism, I decided to be as bad as I possibly could be for a week by taking on these seriously gross skin care habits and documenting the results. (Sorry, derms of the world!)


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