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There are so many beauty products in the world, it can be hard to keep up. Even we continue to come across ones we didn’t know existed. So just in case you haven’t spotted the super shiny nail trend on Instagram yet, THIS is what chrome nails look like:
Aaaaaand once your sight has recovered from all that blinding light, here’s how you can create the same effect yourself at home, using chrome powder.

Step #1 Apply your base and colour coat
Your colour can be regular nail polish or gel nail polish, and you can try any colour you like. However, nail expert Mitra Burns suggests using a gel formula in a black shade for the best chrome finish.

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Step #2 Apply a GEL top coat
Mitty says it’s very important to use a gel top coat on your nails, recommending a “no wipe gel top coat” and to place your nails under the UV or LED lamp until the top coat is 100 per cent dry.

Step #3 Buff on the chrome powder
Using a foam eyeshadow brush or a similar applicator, collect some chrome powder and then rub it onto the nail. “You will need to rub (think of it like buffing silverware) until your nails shine like a star in the sky,” explains Mitty. Finish off your buffing with a clean applicator for an even shinier result. If there is excess powder left on the nail, use a fan brush to dust it away.

Handy hint: Use cuticle guards to keep the powder off the skin and make cleaning up easier.

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Step #4 Apply a top coat
This is one nail look you don’t want to skip doing a top coat for. Mitty says, “It is very important to apply a top coat, otherwise the chrome will rub off.” She recommends using a gel top coat and curing it. If you use a regular top coat, Mitty says the chrome can become streaky and lose its shine.

Where to find chrome nail powder:

  1. Mitty Chrome Powder ($7.95, mitty.com.au, pictured above)
  2. Chrome & Chameleon Effect Pigment Powders ($12.65, www.thenailshop.com.au)
  3. Nail Deco Mirror Effect Pigment ($9.95, www.pronailessentials.com.au, pictured above)

Or if the whole process sounds a bit too hard, you can always try nail wrap versions, like Jamberry Nail Wraps in Metallic Chrome Silver ($22 per sheet, jamberrynails.com.au).


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