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How to Grow a Lily to Add a Little ‘Wow’ Factor in Your Fish Bowl

Turn your betta fish’s aquarium into a glorious piece of home decor

Is it just us, or are plain old fish bowls kinda boring? Sure, they totally take us back to winning a gold fish at the local fair when we were kids — but, bottom line is, a fish bowl is not really decent home decor. But if you add a betta fish, a little color with some stones and a flourishing lily plant, well, then you’ve got something special.

And you can totally DIY your way to a cool looking lily aquarium to showcase in your living room or kitchen. Here’s how.

Choose the vase

The most important thing to consider when choosing the vase is the well-being of your fish. Choose a container that’s too small, and you limit the amount of space the fish has to swim in. Betta fish need enough room to swim around and don’t do as well in really small bowls. Some pet stores sell fish bowls that will work fine for this purpose.

The container you choose should have a neck that isn’t too narrow and a bowl that holds a quart of water or more. Do not use a glass container that is made from lead crystal, since it may leach into the water and be harmful to your fish.

Add a layer of colorful rocks, seashells, gravel or glass marbles at the bottom of the bowl for added color, making sure not to take up too much room. Your fish will appreciate extra room to move.

Choose a peace lily that isn’t very large, but has a well-developed root structure. Since the roots will be dangling down into the fish bowl, they should take up no more than about 20 percent of the space to allow your fish ample swimming room. The lily that you choose should be smaller in diameter than the opening of the fish bowl in order to allow enough air into the bowl.

Remove the lily from the pot and shake gently to dislodge the extra soil from the roots. Rinse under running water for a few minutes to remove all traces of soil before you place the lily into the fish bowl.


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