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Well I never! As I started to write this months blog, I realised it is one whole year since I began talking with you folk about my vegetable garden. In June 2010, Heather Tait and I gazed at my beautiful new vegetable planter boxes and planned a future where I would no longer pause to buy vegetables from the supermarket, or drag my sorry butt out of bed early on a Sunday morning (and by early I mean before 7am on a Sunday) to head off to the Avondale Markets. I know this sounds a little crazy, but it really is cheaper and fresher as long as you don’t get conned by the veggie shop owners who are selling off their old produce. So where am I at after one year…

  1. I am planning more space, there are plans drawn for 3 more planter boxes out the front.
  2. I have a green house, so I am raising at least half of produce from seeds.
  3. The children are definitely eating a wider range of vegetables (although I do have to get a bit creative)
  4. I am learning the art of preserving and pickling


I am still shopping at the supermarket to fill the gaps, the main issue is trying to eat only in season and getting enough produce to feed us all year. (admit have given up going to the markets… its just too damn early!)

So its time to get tough, I was talking to a friend tonight about saying things out loud so that you have to do them. I am saying out loud that within 2 months I will reduce my weekly fruit and vegetable bill from a whopping $50.00 to $25.00 by being smarter about what I plant and making my family eat in season. I will even go further to say that by next June I plant to have it down to $10.00 per week (I am giving myself a year because my fruit trees are still pretty new so will need another growing season before they bear me any decent harvest.

By next month I really need my new planter boxes to be finished so that I can really make sure I have enough stuff planted. MIKE, HELP!!!!!


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