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Healdsburg Senior Living Community

At the Healdsburg Senior Living Community, a legacy lives on in an uplifting garden scene. A large space behind the community is filled with waves of vivid flowers, corn and sunflower fences, sprawling squash vines, precise rows of peppers with fruits like Christmas ornaments, therapy gardens, friendly goats, and darling therapy chickens.

Tony Fisher, the facility’s Marketing Director, conceived this magical scene six years ago as a tribute to his foster mother who raised him and his three brothers, as well as seventy-five other foster children.

“She always said what she loved was growing flowers and vegetables, and being around animals,” Tony says. “She was 60 when she raised me and I thought the generation here would also have this connection. I wanted her story and blessing to live on, and I am able to perpetuate it with this garden.”

For residents who may feel their life spirit is fading, a garden would give them an opportunity to connect with life, he thought, each on their own terms and abilities: actively propagating and transplanting, cutting and arranging flowers, petting the chickens, eating an explosion of cherry tomatoes, or walking the exercise trail through the opulent morning glory-clad arches surrounded by bees, butterflies, and brilliant flowers. Visiting family members appreciate the beauty and young ones run in the open air, interacting with the lively garden.
Tony says, “A garden meets us where we are and lifts us up with its rich beauty.”

Wanting to give all residents the opportunity to experience purpose, value, and contribution, and to connect with life, Tony engages the residents to start each season’s seeds. And while they may plant them too deep or too shallow, they all grow, giving residents a direct connection to the life a seed embodies.


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