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Hairstyles To Consider This Winter

Cold weather calls for cool hair. This winter, consider styles that stand up to the elements—Cara’s blonde buzzcut, Bella’s signature topknot, Yara’s curls, and more. Major hair inspiration ahead.






Bella Hadid


The Style: Ballerina bun

Get the Look: A topknot is nothing new, but we love the middle Hadid’s signature look. To follow suit, pull your hair in a slick ponytail. Twist the tail and wrap your hair in the round, securing with bobby pins along the way. Stop when you have a few inches left at the front and center and secure inside the twist to hide to the pin. Finish with a matted hairspray so your bun lets your gelled crown shine.

Kim Kardashian West


The Style: The Cher

Get the look: The Kardashian klan is no stranger to flat irons of late, but Kim’s almost floor-length slick black hair gives us major envy. May we suggest investing in both an incredible flat iron and hair extensions to really do this look justice. Use an anti-frizz product like this one to make sure you don’t start forming a field of fuzz around your head. Then blow-dry your hair straight. Apply a bit of hairspray and straighten on top of the blow dry.

Blake Lively


Style: Old Glamour

Get the Look: Go for a sophisticated vintage Hollywood vibe with the help of a curling iron. Grab a 1 to 1.5 inch iron iron and create tight curls from the root. Section off your hair and curl each piece away from your face. Catch the curl after your release and pin it to your head. Once your whole head is complete, undo the pins and brush your hair out for a Blake Lively-inspired take on Hollywood glam.



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