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Distinct Christmas Tree Styles

The Christmas tree is the heart of the season’s décor, I think. Just as different as one home’s style is from another, decorated Christmas trees are highly individual. For some, the simplest and humblest of ornamentation will bring the most joy to the season; for others, vivid pops of non-traditional colors and shapes are meant to bedazzle.

Whatever your preference, here are some examples of Christmas trees decorated in very distinct styles. Do you gravitate toward any one of them? Do you find you like bits and pieces of different looks? It doesn’t take too much, though, to top off the magical Christmas season with a uniquely decorated tree.

Classic Christmas Tree.


This tree has a classic look with white lights, ball ornaments, and a bit of garland. You could add a few jingle bells and a bit of lovely tinsel to your own tree as well.

Country Homestyle Christmas Tree.


Small and simple though it might be, this endearing traditional-themed Christmas tree, complete with popcorn and cranberries strung on garlands, is enough to warm your heart. Shiny red drop ornaments add a bit of visual oomph to this sweet homestyle tree. Or you could carry the old-time traditional approach even further, with dried orange slices and gingerbread men.

Eclectic Christmas Tree.


Let’s face it: if you’ve always been one to walk the road less traveled, if your exuberance in and zest for life expresses itself freely with non-traditional color and form, if you love all things quirky and unexpected, then you’ll love an eclectic Christmas tree. Bold, bright colorful ornaments continue on the whimsical, eclectic style of this cheerful pinkalicious space.

Color-Scheme Themed Christmas Tree.


Are you the type of person who wants holiday décor to “go” with your existing space (and not the other way around)? If you, you might be a prime candidate for a color-themed Christmas tree. Flocking a natural tree (or simply purchasing a white artificial one from the get-go) will provide a color-neutral clean slate. Pick a color, then add colorful ribbon and treasured objects to make your colorful tree shine.

Simply Sophisticated Christmas Tree.


White ornaments lend an aura of simplicity, while the variety of shapes and sheens within the monochromatic scheme keeps things interesting on this uniquely shaped (read: short and squat) tree.

Contemporary Christmas Tree.


Ornaments arranged by color into tiered barber-shop-sign swirls is a modern take on traditional Christmas tree decorations. This is a great idea for the contemporary stylist; one bonus is that your ornaments needn’t be anything particularly noteworthy in and of themselves. Rather, it’s their distinct and unique arrangement that makes the tree shine.

Uber-Organic Christmas Tree.


If the thought of cutting down a live fir tree makes you squirm but you can’t bring yourself to go fully artificial in the Christmas tree department, you might need to get creative. One way to do that is to fashion your own tree – this charming rustic one make out of cut sticks. Because the tree itself is so interesting and creative, the decorator here wisely went simple on the white decorations.


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