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Different Types of Ear Cartilage Piercing Ideas

Ear Cartilage Piercing is a type of body piercing that the advanced customers have learned to become unique. Cartilage is the connective muscle that shape the design of the ears, nose as well as regions around the ribs or between the bones of your joints. Therefore you should not attempt to try it yourself, and also have to be sure that any kind of Ear cartilage piercing you may get done is performed by well experienced body pierces. Injury to cartilage causes nasty scars which can be too costly to take off.

It is seen normally that the ear cartilage is certainly included in cartilage piercings. There are several beautiful types of piercing such as: Forward helix piercing, Helix piercing, Industrial piercing, Snug piercing, Orbital piercing, outer conch piercing, Standard lobe piercing, Transverse Lobe Piercing, Daith piercing, Anti tragus piercing, Rook piercing, Inner conch piercing and Tragus piercing.


Till date nobody knows why Ear cartilage piercing is done and what done it define, also it is not recent and everyone has being carrying this out for many years. Although, it can be more intense as well as irritation is simpler to come as compared to with soft-tissue piercings, hence maybe that is the reason why today’s fashionable woman does not leave a chance to embrace it. Below are 13 simple and best Types of Ear Cartilage Piercing that looks beautiful and Trendy.

Forward Helix Piercing:


The forward helix cartilage piercing is performed by crafting a whole from the exterior part towards the top part of the ear.

Helix Piercing:


A helix Ear piercing is a kind of piercing made at the top cartilage of the ear – however you will also find different types of helix piercings. A standard helix Cartilage piercing is done in the exterior upper cartilage – in case you have 2 or 3 piercings at the same place, placed above the other, they are known as double or triple helix piercings.

Industrial Piercing:

The industrial piercing is basically 2 piercings in a single: an exterior helix piercing attached to a forward helix piercing by an upright barbell. It is also referred to as a Scaffold Piercing.


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