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Diet and Nutrition Plan for a Bikini Body, Bikini Contest or Fitness Contest

If you are considering entering or have already entered a bikini contest then you will probably know the importance of diet to get you stage ready.

After training dozens of bikini clients and competitors, while creating the world famous 90 Day Bikini plan, I’ve managed to optimize every aspect of a diet and nutrient plans for bikini contest or bikini show.

In this article I’m going to share some key rules you should follow if you want to get stage ready for a bikini contest, or if you simply want to get a bikini body for summer!

Here’s how to optimize your diet and nutrition plan for a bikini contest or bikini show.

Carb Cycle to Get Bikini Show/Contest Ready
Carb cycling for fat loss and weight loss has become extremely popular and for good reason. It makes up the majority of my meal plans in the 90 Day Bikini program and basically allows you to pin-point your intake of carbs for when you need them.

Rather than being all or nothing, either going low-carb or low-fat/high carb for your bikini prep or diet, it makes more sense to periodize your intake. This way, you avoid the potential negatives of a low carb diet and those of a high carb, low fat diet. As you may know, both have many pros, but they both have weaknesses too.

Thinking logically, wouldn’t it make more sense to combine both into one diet? This way, you get the benefits of both, without the negatives! If you agree, then here’s an example weekly intake based on a popular lower, upper, rest day training split using carb cycling.

Monday: Legs – High Carb

Tuesday: Upper body – Moderate Carb

Wednesday: Rest/Cardio – Low Carb

Thursday: Legs – High Carb

Friday: Upper body – Moderate Carb

Saturday: Rest/Cardio – Low Carb

Sunday: Rest/Cardio – Low Carb

While programming a high level carb cycling plan can be complicated and requires an experienced expert, the basics are fairly easy to understand and follow some general logic. For example, you should base your larger carb intake on the more metabolic and physically demanding workouts, such as leg days.

In contrast, you would base your lower carb intake on those workout days that require less energy and glycogen stores, such as cardio, abs, arms and rest. Of course, if you do prefer a low-carb diet then you could use carb cycling with just 1-2 high carb days. In contrast, if you like a higher carb approach, you could just add in 1-2 days on a lower-carb diet.

As you can see, the basis of carb cycling is fairly simple and provides you the key nutrients and energy to maximize your workouts and recovery, while lowering them down when you don’t need them to burn fat.

If you want 7 day done-for-you carb cycling plans and a full 90 Day Bikini training split that many people have used to get contest ready, you can download it on this page.


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