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Christmas Wall Decorations Ideas To Deck Your Walls

Everyone has their own Christmas story to tell. From heartwarming moments to fun and humorous slips, everyone can share something about Christmas. It is the best time of the year to be merry and genuinely happy about yourself and the people around you – the real people that matters, the real people who cares about your well-being and not just what your gift is this year for them.

The whole house should join the festivities and Christmas decorations lovingly placed inside and outside your house give a more welcoming to everyone.

Christmas is the best time of the year to let it all out and let your creative juices be put into good use. Let your wall be your canvass and see how this wonderful unique Christmas decorations brighten up your wall, your house and every people who will be able to see it.

Merry Christmas Wall Decals

Greet your guests a happy holidays when they enter your house with this minimalist design. Red goes well with white and other light-colored walls. Place your family’s name on the bottom box to make it more personal. Your wall will look like one giant Christmas card.

red-and-white-christmas-wall-decoration (1)

Colorful cutouts on your wall are truly eye-pleasing. The balls in different color, design and size makes up the tree. The dangling Christmas decorations on the top part of your wall give the “chandelier” impression. The red deer standing by the colorful tree is inspiring.

Blue felt are the perfect material if you want to give your wall that nice texture. The cutout words make up a good back draft behind your couch. The decorated wall is perfect for those picture-taking moments. It is simple yet stylish.




This unique Christmas wall décor is verbose and inspiring. Words symbolizing the holiday outline a Christmas tree topped with a star. Can be made out of vinyl, this powerful Christmas decoration has so much to say. The contrasting color of the sticker on the color of your wall would make this stand-out.

Christmas Wall Decorating Ideas


Having a Christmas tree set-up sometimes may not just be enough to brighten up the whole place. Incorporate your wall with these multicolored stars of various sizes. Good match for those plain light-colored walls, the stars makes the set more appealing. It is easy to do and would not cost you too much.

Give your wall that holiday glow with these Popsicle snowflakes. They are easy and fun to make. Creating the décor can be the perfect bonding time for you and your kids. You can paint the sticks depending on your style and personality.

This Christmas wall decors can also double as elegant card holders. Use those leftover metallic gift wrappers and ribbons to cover the cardboard. Make one card holder per family member so no one would be left out. This wall décor is perfect on your dining or kitchen area.

Creative Christmas Wall Decorations


These white snowflake wall decals would look good on your darkly-painted wall. Stick the snowflakes diagonally on the wall to give that cascading effect. The snowflakes of different shapes and designs add life to your space. It creates the perfect background for capturing moments on camera.

Teach your kid the value of recycling with this beautiful hanging Christmas décor. Do not throw leftover wrappers and ribbons as you could still use them for this project. Spell the phrase, “Merry Christmas” and personalize it by clipping your pictures as well. The color of the papers and cardboard brings a livelier touch to your home

DIY Christmas Wall Decors

wall-christmas-tree-decoration (1)

If your floor area is quite limited in terms of space, setting up a Christmas tree may pose a challenge. You could still have a Christmas tree in your living room as you can stick one on your wall. To make it more stand out, the tree’s color should provide a complementing contrast on your wall. The idea is simple but the effect is grandiose.

White and silver Christmas ornaments make a perfect tree on your wall. Place the ornaments on a triangular wooden frame or wire to easily mount the décor and for easy removal as well. It is exquisitely beautiful and striking. This Christmas wall décor is perfect for condo and apartment living.

Elegant Christmas Wall Decorations


Three-dimensional paper snowflakes on your wall and bedroom provide that soft Christmas touch. The snowflakes are in various sizes and forms. It could also come in varied color for a livelier appeal. The decors make your place a winter wonderland.

Metallic Christmas balls hanging on your mono-colored wall give it more than just design and hue. The bare wall could be turn into something lively and eye-catching. The white, red and silver Christmas balls make up one unique garland. It is entertaining and could always be used for the coming years ahead.

Christmas Decorations for Walls


Thin dried twigs on your backyard can be turn into something much useful and beautiful. Shape each bundle of twigs into differently-sized round wreaths. Individually decorate each wreath with ribbons, red berries and more. Hang those wreaths onto your wall for that nature-themed Christmas effect.

Turn your plain wall into something closer to heart with this unique Christmas wall decoration. Create a triangular form out of old nylon strings. Personalize the area with special cards, heartwarming photos or inspirational messages written on a small piece of stationery. Hang several Christmas balls as added embellishment.

Rustic Christmas Tree Wall Decorations


This unique Christmas wall décor is not just something beautiful and majestic but personal and much closer to heart. Place the ornaments and decorations a triangular wire or wooden plank for easy mounting and removal. You can use picture frames, photos, toys, Christmas ball and even Christmas cards. The aftermath would bring nostalgic memories back to everyone.

Creative Christmas Wall Decorations


Book and picture frame stands can be one unique Christmas set of decors on your wall. Place one big red Christmas ball on each holder for color. Top it with other Christmas ornaments like small gifts, wreaths and garlands. Light the place it up with some tea light candles.

Something modern hanging on your wall for Christmas would be remarkable. These three big metallic snowflakes behind your couch are simple yet sophisticated. The color of the ribbon for hanging the snowflakes should match the overall theme of your living room. It does not require too much frills to make your space look elegant.

This Christmas wall décor can stay on your wall the whole year round if you wish to. Much similar to a family tree, this could be a good personalized gift for grandparents – as everyone has a place. You could also make it a as a hanging photo album for the family. Use brightly-colored ribbons to sturdily tie it in a wooden branch.


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