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Brick And Stone Wall Ideas

It is amazing how a brick interior can change an entire room giving it a country style and also a modern one.

Stone interior walls

don’t have to look like they are creating a cold room, indeed they can warm the atmosphere with decorative live elements like plants or other objects with powerful colors.

There are places in the house that can’t be designed with brick wall interior. Brick tiles are successfully used especially in the hallways, but can be also used in the kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Brick interior walls

are the perfect design for any basement and helps you in creating a cellar.

Why using bricks and stones for your interior design? Simply because they look awesome! There is nothing that can add such luxurious appearance to your décor, as bricks and stones can.

To start with, brick/stone interior is awesome because it can change the entire perception of your home-it can easily convert it into a country ranch, as it can into a modern and sophisticated haven. Stones, on the other hand, don’t have to be cold and strict-you can add decorations or change the colors, and the place will look more awesome than ever!

There is something ‘magical’ about both bricks and stones. It may be their traditional aspect (towers, citadels, etc), or the solidity and comfort which they provide (and which are perfect for contemporary homes).

Interior brick wall design

A hallway greeting

Welcome your guests with inspirational and breathtaking examples of interior brick wall in the hallway. A brick wall will underline the rustic character of your place; and will create a pleasant feeling that doesn’t fade with time. Ideally, combine the brick wall with wooden ceilings and sumptuous chandeliers.

Take proper care of the brick walls

The lucky ones among you, who own a beautiful brick wall, bear a bigger responsibility than simply showing it off. In order to preserve that beauty, they need to conserve the surface; and to decrease the possibility of disintegration as much as possible.

In order to ensure some extra brightness, clean the bricks and finish them with gloss layers. You could also think about matte binders, because they keep dust away; and they maintain the impeccability of your stylish brick bars.

Bedroom interior brick wall

One of the biggest advantages of brick walls is that they provide a felling of warmth and coziness.

Therefore, they are always welcomed in important rooms, such as the bedroom. An exposed central wall, covered with well-sorted bricks could look amazing; and provide some extra comfort for you and your partner.

Gritting and moisture in a brick interior

Bricks walls are a great bathroom solution, but only in case you’re really ready to take care of them. Even the most amazing wall could be worthless without a seal to protect it from moisture.

If facing the risk of damaged grout, we recommend you to re-position your bricks and to think about some more persistent finish.

To start with, dredge something like ¾ of the grout’s depth; refill it with a new layer; enclose it; and preserve it in the same condition.

Brick walls in the living room

Bricks look best when applied in central and focal areas. For instance, the TV is the main element in every living room, which is never undermined.

Therefore, it is the best place to apply eye-catchy designs. With a cool brick wall behind your TV, you’ll make your room very interesting, even without any additional decorations.

Painting the brick walls white

Most of the people choose to preserve their original brick walls, and they are afraid to make changes because they think it could destroy their breathtaking appearance. Still, why not ‘modernizing’ the walls with few white layers?

It will make them look clean and chic, and it will create an illusion of spaciousness and harmony between the elements and the ceiling. Overall, it is the best solution for those trying to simplify their living space; and to obtain a relaxing environment. White brick walls look best in your bedroom, actualizing the dreamy and peaceful idea of a perfect Sunday morning.

Office brick walls

Both home and out-of-home offices could benefit from a proportional brick design.

Offices are rooms which need to appear serious and sober, but a slightly more comfortable brick wall is not so likely to affect its professionalism.

Once again, we recommend you to choose a focal point (ideally around the desk); and fill with rustic bricks.

Gray is also a choice

White is not the only paint allowed for your brick walls-you could use a warmer shade of gray; and obtain the same effect of pureness and naturalism. Besides, grey is the best indicator of strength and organic quality.

Interior stone wall designs

The good sides of interior stone walls

There are many reasons why you should decorate your home with stone walls and create one of those great looking brick and stone houses. Let’s check some of them:

  • A natural and earthy appearance
  • Persistence and simple maintenance
  • Wide spectrum of options for every taste and budget
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Amazing and lavish textures
  • Attractiveness
  • High noise insulation


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