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Boat Neck Blouse Designs

The humble saree has undergone several innovations in terms of draping and the design itself. However, one thing seems to be intact, the love for the six-yard beauty. We are finding more ways, reasons, and means to wrap ourselves in this timeless piece of clothing. And, lucky for us, the industry too seems to be catching up with the ethnic wear game while matching global trends in terms of style and appeal. Not only sarees, even blouses have seen a transformation from being a simple piece of cloth to cover the front portion to the sleeveless, backless and strapless variety. The beauty of a blouse is in its styling.

So, as I take a closer peek into what’s trending in the blouse mania, I hit a frame that urged me to hang on and dig deeper. That’s when I stumbled upon something called the ‘boat neck blouses,’ which apparently I learned, is a big deal in the segment. Yes, you guessed it right, we are going to talk about this today and present to you a catalog you can’t take your eyes off. Ready? Good, let’s go!





Latest Boat Neck Blouse Designs

1. Sleeveless Boat Neck Design For A Tulle/Net Saree


Modern meets tradition meets sophistication meets elegance. A blouse and saree combination that works for a daytime event just as well as it does for an evening soiree. You could go with a wider boat or replicate this along with the embroidery. Go with a raw silk blouse for a tulle or a net saree, so the overall silhouette is opaque and well-balanced without being too transparent.

2. Boat Neck Design With Gold Embroidery


I could not take my eyes off this when I first looked at it. So, I get it if that’s the case with you too. A blouse like this can be used with more than one saree and gives you a different profile to work with, each time. This black boat neck blouse with heavy golden embroidery can be your go-to for either a plain silk, cotton, jute sarees, etc. or heavy pattu sarees. We all have a plain black blouse, but now let’s ditch that for a second and get your hands on this one, will you?

3. Boat Neck Blouse With Mirror Work


Mirror work is evergreen and will probably never go out of fashion, but remember you need to treat it differently to match the current trend. Elevate your plain black net or chiffon saree with this mirror work boat neck blouse, almost instantly and with minimal or no accessories. Choose any contrast color that will pop out further. And, you can use this blouse with more than one saree.

4. Golden Colored Blouse With Boat Neck

A simple golden blouse is something every girl needs in her saree wardrobe. It sure comes to the rescue when you get last minute invitations. But, if you do not want to spend too much on getting it embroidered, add little design elements like a boat neck and pigeon hole for the bodice of the blouse, it makes for a stylish yet simple blouse.


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