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Best Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair is practically the most manageable length of hair for our busy schedules. If you are not fond of a boyish haircut then this is the most suitable length of hair with which you can even style easily.

You can go for layers, curls and bangs with this sleek haircut. Choppy and sleek styles for the whole of hair length are also not a bad option. The best thing is it doesn’t take much time for styling these daily hairstyles for medium length hair or shoulder length hair.

Here are my top 10 hairstyle suggestions for shoulder length hair. Based on your sense of style and the shape of your face, you can decide which one to choose and sport.

1. Front Side Swept Bangs:

You thought only side bangs look good? You can rock with Front bangs. Do some soft and wispy front bangs which you can side sweep for a different show altogether. This is among the latest haircuts for medium hair.



2. Layered Shoulder Length Hairstyle and Curls:


Loose messy curls are a big hit if you are going for curls on a Shoulder length hairstyle.

3. Messy Shoulder Length Hairstyle:


A shoulder length hairstyle can be given a messy and lazy look with the touch of your curler followed by two to three times of repeated combing with a paddle brush and then some touch of blow drying. A medium length hairstyle will not prevent you from achieving this awesome messy look.

4. Feathers and Outward Curls:


This is a sweet look which you can easily achieve with a shoulder length hair cut. It has to be maintained as per the layers or fringes running through the whole length of hair. You can use your paddle brush and your blow dryer to get the feathers at the bangs.

5. Sleek Shoulder Length Hairstyle With Lengthy Side Swept Bangs:


This is a sweet simple look which will hardly require any maintainence.You can achieve this look with a shiny hair serum and a shoulder length cut with long lengthy side swept bangs.


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