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Beauty Secrets to Look Younger

Keep your age a secret with targeted anti-aging beauty tips and tricks from the pros!

Vertical wrinkles around the mouth are mechanically etched into our faces whenever we talk, laugh, or eat. While you can’t stop the etching, you can slow it down by applying sunscreen regularly and using a collagen booster or a wrinkle-fighting treatment around your mouth daily. Try a product that contains hyaluronic acid (to plump up fine lines) or madecassoside (an ingredient that sinks in to repair cell damage).

Dry or flaky lips look thinner and more wrinkled than they are, so get on the balm bandwagon. Restoring moisture is the key to keeping lips looking smooth, even, and full. Try a rich balm, a lip treatment, or a healing gloss with color.

Fight fine lines on hands with alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) masks and at-home peels. Applied to the top of hands, these products slough off dull, dead skin and help speed cell turnover. When the new, healthy cells reach the surface, they give skin a smoother texture, making lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

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