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Attracting and Keeping Bluebirds

Congratulations for deciding to encourage the Eastern Bluebird to come to your yard! The beautiful harbinger of spring, with sky on it’s back will bring you undeniable pleasure as you watch it courting, nesting and raising a family.

In the 1950’s, due to use of pesticides, several harsh winters in a row, the introduction of the English Sparrow and starlings along the eastern seaboard, and the loss of natural habitats from urban growth, almost 90% of the bluebird population were eradicated. People like you, who have taken the time to put up nesting sites, have helped the bluebird population increase dramatically in the past few years.
Here are a few suggestions for you to make your habitat more successful.

Limit pesticide use-bluebirds primary diet consists if insects, plus berries in fall and winter

  • Plant berry producing trees and bushes.
  • Proper nesting boxes – Purchase a true bluebird nesting box. Most garden centers have them for $12 to $20. I particularly liked the kind with a removable nest base in it. My birds used it, and I could lift the nest out easily to monitor.
  • No perch! Perches encourage predators, and the birds don’t need them.
  • Round opening 1 1/2″” diameter, or oval of 1 3/8 x 2 ¼ “
  • Ventilation openings in top of box, drainage holes in bottom.
  • Roof over-hangs in front.
  • 5-7″ from floor to opening.
  • A way to open either top, front, or side to monitor. [side or front is best]


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