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Amazing Hacks To Protect And Care For Your Nails

Nails, one of the most lovable part of our body. Not always do we overlook them but sometimes our work and day-today lives do take a toll on our nails thus making them look bad. But unfortunately sometimes they are not looked after properly resulting in brittle, yellowish or damaged nails. So we at HNBT have decided to tell you some simple yet useful nail hacks that will improve the health of your nails.

Tips To Protect Your Nails

Don’t BITE them : They are not a pieces of cakes. So please don’t bite your nails. Do not also rub them against each other as it makes them prone to breakage.

Protect them when you are working : Wear gloves when you are working with any sort of chemicals (even if they are mild). Your fingernails are delicate and they tend to get damaged very easily. Rubber gloves are advisable.

Be cautious when they are wet : Wet nails are prone to breaking easily. So when you have washed your hands or done some water related jobs kindly wait till they dry before you get started on your next task.

They FEEL cold : When it’s cold outside make it a point to put your gloves on as you go out as fingernails too tend to feel the cold and chills.

They get tanned : Don’t be shocked. Your nail’s do get tanned. So it is also advisable for you to keep them covered when you go out on summer days. This will prevent your nails from getting yellowish.

Massage : Like the rest of our body, they also demand a massage. But keep in mind to massage the cuticles particularly as they help in blood flow to the nails which in turn keeps them healthy in the long run.

Moisturizing : After washing your hands, make it a point to moisturize your nails. It prevents them from getting dried. It is the best to moisturize them before going to bed at night, especially if you are a person who does a lot of house chores.

Filing : Its advised to file your nails rather than cutting it. A filer will also help you to make the edges fine. Also, it’s advised to file the nails in one direction i.e. not make to and fro movements with your filer or rub it against your nails.

Protein : Proteins are not only important for your hair but also for your healthy nails. Well of course, vegetarians take in more protein than non-vegetarians. But a non vegetarian can also include more proteins through food stuffs such as nuts, eggs, quinoa or beans in your diet.

Zinc : Deficiency of zinc leads to weakening and retarded growth of nails. Include lots and lots of green leafy vegetables to combat the deficiency of zinc in your diet.
It’s not a tool : Dear ladies, you tend to forget that those are your nails, not pocket knives. Stop treating them as a tool please.

Hydrate yourself : Drink a minimum of 4 litres of water daily. Apart from benefiting skin and health, water nourishes and benefits your nails too.
You may also check our article on Health and Beauty Benefits of Drinking More Water.

Nail Strengtheners : These might look like simple nail paints but they add hardness to nails thereby controlling their wear and tear to a large extent by adding keratin to the nails. They give the nails a shiny look. But it’s important for those with brittle nails to avoid applying nail strengtheners.

Allow them to breathe : If you have a habit of keeping your nails painted always or your profession demands so, make sure you let them breathe for at least once day in a week. By allowing them to breather, we mean remove your nail polish every now and then. And let your nails breathe overnight at least.

You can let your nails breathe by removing the nail paint with any nailpolish remover of your choice and leave them unpainted for a day or two.

Manicure and Pedicure : Manicures and pedicures are as equally as important for your nails like the points mentioned above. It is the same with going for regular haircuts, regular facials and most importantly regular body checkups. Let us read in detail about it.


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