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All that glitters… How to pick out the right jewellery this Christmas

Christmas and jewellery go together like a festive flick and a tin of chocolates.

It’s the perfect spoil me rotten gift from your other half and it’s what you buy your mam to show you care.

Jewellery unlike clothes, bath sets and anything else you might find under the tree will last a lifetime.

So whether you’re picking out jewellery as a gift or treating yourself, then you need to get it right.

You don’t want to end up with something that won’t be worn or worse, something that will be returned.

So consider this your checklist for buying jewellery this Christmas:

1) Do: your homework
Going shopping without considering the wearer is a costly mistake. There are all sorts of things to factor in before dropping the cash.

For instance, do they prefer silver, gold or rose gold? What size ring is the wearer? Do they even wear earrings?!

Taking some time to figure out what the person likes will cut down on the browsing time and is the best chance of getting them something they actually want.

2) Don’t: just buy what you like

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying jewellery that you love but might not suit the wearer.

Just because a statement necklace is your go-to of choice doesn’t mean your sister will feel the same.

If in doubt opt for something simple but contemporary that will work with everything in their wardrobe like this Thomas Sabo necklace.

3) Do: Make it a meaningful gift

If you’re investing in jewellery this Christmas then of course you want it to look nice but it should also mean something.

Thomas Sabo has just released its Together collection. The collection features pieces in sterling silver and rose gold inscribed with the message Forever Together to symbolise an unbreakable unit… just like you and the wearer.

Each piece is designed as a sparkling heart or circle and is also available as a Fine Jewellery option complete with faceted diamonds for a truly special gift.

4)Don’t buy him something he’ll never wear

Men’s jewellery is a minefield of tasteless gold chains and gaudy pieces.

For something striking and stylish opt for something in silver with a contemporary twist.

This unisex ring from Thomas Sabo is a real winner.

5) Do: make sure the piece is wearable

High end jewellery is a real treat but it should still fit into the wearer’s daily life.

Do you really want to get them something that only gets trotted out on rare, special occasions?

Opt for something that looks elegant and fashion forward that doesn’t look OTT for daytime.


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