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9 Really Good Reasons to Exercise Early in the Morning

We think about it. And maybe even set the alarm with the expectation of a sunrise run, but most of us don’t exercise early, despite our best intentions. Yet the 69 percent of exercisers who work out after noon might be missing out on some key benefits of moving in the morning.

Exercise physiologists say any time of day is valuable for a workout as long as you do it, but the fact is, few do. Only one-fifth of Americans get the recommended amounts of aerobic and strength training, according to the Centers for Disease Control, although nearly half do at least 10 minutes of daily aerobic training. “The majority of people seem to work out later in the day because that’s when they think they have time,” says Dr. Marialice Kern, chair of the department of kinesiology at San Francisco State University (SFSU) and a morning exerciser. More of us waking up to work out might help move the numbers.

There is no better way to start your day than knowing you have done

Getting up and out earlier in the morning makes sure that a workout happens. Twenty competitive women runners surveyed by NBC News BETTER said that morning workouts are more likely to happen before the events of the day thwart the best-laid plans. Marie Wickham, a masters runner who has raced 25 New York City Marathons, says “it is much easier to keep to a morning schedule. You very seldom have early morning conflicts to cancel your run.”


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