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5 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes That Are LOL Funny

Searching for ideas for Halloween costumes for kids? Get a giggle this holiday with cute DIY costumes that’ll make you LOL.

Organic Fruits
Your Whole Foods Market– obsessed pal will approve of these fresh fruits that use solid-colored basics as their base. The fruit details are made from iron-on vinyl and the stickers are printed on iron-on inkjet transfer paper. City Threads Girls’ Soft Cotton Short Sleeve Cover Up Dress, $17 and up; Hoodie and sweatpants, $20 each.

What You´ll Need: A-line dress or sweatsuit; iron-on vinyl; scissors; iron; inkjet transfer paper for dark T-shirts; printable sticker designs; 1 yard of elastic cord (optional); safety pin (optional); coordinating baseball cap; green felt (optional); hot-glue gun and sticks; toilet-paper tube (optional), teardrop-shaped rhinestones or gold metal studs (optional); templates for fruit details and leaves

Make It:


1. Cut out fruit-detail shapes from iron-on vinyl.

2. Lay out dress or sweatsuit on a soft, ironable surface (a folded blanket on a table, for example), so it lies flat with no wrinkles. Place fruit details on garment and follow instructions included with vinyl to iron on. Repeat on back of garment.

3. Print out the fruit-sticker template designs on transfer paper and cut them out.

4. Place cut-out stickers on garment and follow instructions included with transfer paper to iron them on.

Dress hem:

1. Snip a small hole in the back hem of the dress, cutting through only one layer of the hem´s folded over fabric.

2. Attach the elastic cord to the safety pin and use it to thread the elastic through the hem of the dress.

3. Once the elastic is all the way through the hem, pull both ends out and cinch to create a bubble shape that’s not too tight. Secure the elastic cord in a knot.


Strawberry: Use the template to trace and cut out strawberry leaf shapes from green felt and attach to the top of the hat with hot glue. Hot-glue rhinestone “seeds” to hat.

Pineapple: Use the template to cut out pineapple leaf shapes from the green felt and wrap around a toilet-paper tube; secure with hot glue. Hot-glue to top of hat. Hot-glue studs to hat.

Watermelon: Stuff hat with a towel, so it holds its shape. Cut out and iron the green vinyl squiggles template onto hat.


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