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40 Examples Of Latest Trends In Nail Art For The Current Year

Every New Year also brings forth new trends in many things including nails. This will dictate what you should be looking to purchase. When the trends do come out you will find yourself giving into the shopping frenzy. But the thing to keep in mind is not to go overboard and resist using your credit card to buy stuff. You could also do with some smart planning. The way to do it is to trust the trends and buy quality carefully. One of the things that you should do is stay away from darker shades unless you are buying emo vogue.

Otherwise stay with lighter and more floral shades like a luscious coral or a really innocent and fresh lilac. Sky blue is another color that will make your nails pop and add a spring like aura to them. There is the new trend that leans towards striping which can produce some really distinct and fashionable looking modern designs.

Trends to do with nails keep changing with the changing seasons and also as per occasions. The thing with nails nowadays is to be creative to work with the latest colors to come up with your take on them. The more creatively you can think the more in vogue your nails are going to look. You can go bold and pick out colors like yellow, red and green to come up with a nail trend of your own.

Here are some nail trends that are quite popular this year:

  • Black nail paint with a diamond like gray pattern in the middle
  • Nails painted in solid colors like white or red and then the tips painted with a feathery touch with a contrasting shade like black or blue
  • The wintery colors of pink, rose and puce
  • Silver and silvery gray shades to add a cool look to your nails
  • Striking red nail polish with glitter tips put in a stylish and asymmetrical way
  • Purple polish that looks luminescent
  • Black nails with bling on them with the help of rhinestones
  • Matt black polish tipped off with shiny black nail paint at the edges
  • Lighter nail polish with polka dots
  • Nail art in lighter colors embellished with a cute bow
  • Floral art on nails in softer colors
  • Pink nails tipped with a bluish shade
  • Black and white checked nails


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