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10 Ways Pests Get Inside Your Home

The arrival of cold weather means you may be making plans to spend more time indoors. But you aren’t the only one eyeing your home for winter warmth. As outdoor conditions shift, insects start to search for places to hibernate, too. Your home may provide a habitat that’s insect-friendly.

Inspect and check these places to make sure that insects can’t exploit even the tiniest opening to gain entry to your home:

1. Doors: Make sure that doors seal tightly against thresholds, including your garage door. Install new door sweeps as needed. Look carefully around your doors for any light peeping through. If light shows, that’s a spot where insects can enter.
2. Windows: Check window screens for holes; repair as needed. Also inspect weather stripping for worn sections that could give a pest wriggle room.

3. Wall passages: Inspect every single cable, heating, plumbing and ventilation item that passes through your home’s walls. Use a double seal to prevent insect entry: Caulk outside and also apply caulk or spray foam inside.

4. Dryer vents & exhaust fans: Double-check all vents and exhaust fans from your dryer, bathroom or kitchen. Inspect vent dampers to be sure that they’re moving freely and not stuck open or broken.



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