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10 Swedish Beauty Products You Didn’t Know About (But Should)

Now that just about everyone including your grandmother is on the internet, we’re more interconnected than we’ve ever been, and so explains the rise of interest in international beauty routines. First it was Korean, then it was French, and now it’s amazing Swedish beauty products. Known formerly for their meatballs and sleek furniture designs, Sweden is a serious contender in the skin and hair care game now — specifically within the city of Stockholm, where there’s a huge rise in Swedish beauty brands you need to know about.

According to Elle, this area of the world has a knack for beautiful, even skin and healthy hair, and that’s because they utilize natural ingredients found in the harshest of environments, which means that they’ve got built-in protective properties. “The indigenous people of the North have, through generations, explored these mechanisms in their everyday use,” saidDr. Miguel Stanley of Europe’s White Clinic to Elle. “Scientists have been fascinated by this phenomenon, and have proven some of these extracts to hold unique properties when applied to the skin.” If there’s anything I’m all about, it’s protecting yourself from toxins and using natural ingredients to do it, so check out these awesome Swedish beauty products that are seriously worth your time.

Reverse Skin Damage With This Foaming Cleanser

Based out of Sweden, Verso is all about reversing the damage that your skin takes on a daily basis. Whether you’re dealing with constant breakouts, sensitivity rashes, or just stubborn makeup, Verso Skincare’s foaming cleanser covers it all. It’s a lightweight formula that soothes the skin while it washes away cosmetics and impurities, and people say it smells wonderful and feels even better.

Hydrate And Heal Your Scalp

Sachajuan is a Stockholm-based beauty company that’s all about simplicity and quality, and people are obsessing over their Sachajuan Scalp shampoo. It uses healthy oils that moisturize and soothe irritated scalps, so if you’ve got dandruff or flaking, this one’s a great option. It leaves hair looking smooth and manageable, but without compromising on that freshly-washed clean feeling.

Get A Natural, Even, And Moisturized Glow

For a polished and even bronze finish, this New Sunshine Swedish Beauty ‘Pink & Proper’ is a definite fan favorite. It’s got great, antioxidant-rich ingredients that moisturize and stimulate skin growth while leaving you with a healthy glow. Reviewers especially love that it smells incredible and won’t rub off on clothes.

Tone Your Face And Set Your Makeup

This luxury company is all about spa quality, and Kerstin Florian’s rehydrating neroli water will definitely leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. It’s got bitter orange blossom, which hydrates your skin while refreshing and relaxing you. It makes for an awesome toner because it’s lightweight, feels clean, and doesn’t get in the way of your makeup — actually, it helps set it.

Extend The Life Of Your Tan

Another one from Swedish Beauty, Aloe There’s color boosting moisturizer uses ingredients that both prepare your skin for a safe tan and extend the life of the one you already have. It provides tons of nutrients for your skin that help with toning, elasticity, and glow, and even reviewers with ultra sensitive skin can’t stop raving: “I’m VERY allergic to lotions and have never had a reaction to this one, but yet it keeps my skin smooth and hydrated in the summer and winter.”


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