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10 Hacks for Your Old Jewellery

Do you have a drawer full of jewellery you never wear? Odds and ends that are broken, tangled, or missing pieces? Us too! We’re turning it around with tips on how to clean, store and refashion your old jewellery – so before you shake that drawer out into the trash, read this!

Untangle those chains!

To untangle necklaces or loosen knots in old chains, sprinkle some baby powder and let sit for a minute before attempting to loosen kinks or untangle chains.


Avoid going green with a clear topcoat

Paint costume jewellery with clear nail polish to prevent tarnishing or having skin turn green while wearing.

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Make a local craft’s store your new best friend

Craft stores like Michael’s carry everything from glue guns to replacement clasps and can help you to fix or update old pieces in a snap – for a fraction of what it might cost to replace it entirely. While you’re there, take a look around and get inspired! You might also want to consider investing in a small jewellery tool-kit, they are inexpensive and come in handy when you find yourself dealing with uncooperative broken pieces.

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Store it or lose it!

Ever wonder where all those pairs of stud earrings go to? Small jewelry items can get lost in the mix of bigger, bulkier pieces. Get creative when storing stud earrings with this tip from Real Simple, starting with the band of any leather-strap watch. Simply use the holes in the band for the earring, attaching the backing on the other side to secure it. For thin, easily tangled necklaces, simply take a straw, drop one end of the chain through the piping and close at the clasp. This prevents tangling and is a great hack for traveling.

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Everything old is new again

These aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. Preppy-chic has never really gone out of style and when it comes to pearls, any Southern belle will tell you they’re a staple. For the rest of us, topping an outfit off with a string of pearls may feel more vintage then on-trend. To give an old favourite a fresh take, try layering your pearls with some other delicate strands for that layered-look. Avoid looking like a 50’s housewife by pairing your pearls with modern, casual pieces like a crisp white t-shirt or oversized white button-down and jeans.

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Put a ring on it

If you find that you’re overstocked on rings you no longer wear and chains with pendants you’re no longer fond of – you’re in luck – this is an easy fix. Simply loop rings onto a chain to give old chains – and rings – new life in your daily rotation.

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Look around the house

DIY vlogger FashionByAlly doesn’t believe in throwing away old jewellery – instead, she refashions it for use with a few simple techniques designed to give new life to your old go-to’s. Here, she refashions an old necklace using pieces you already have and materials you can find around the house.

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Give old bangles a boho update

Everyone has loose metal bangles scattered around their jewelry drawer. This Pinterest tutorial will show you how to refresh those simple bracelets to turn them into stackable boho-style wrapped bangles.

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Wrap it up

Oversized, simple-face watches are a major trend this season – but if you’re looking to get ahead of the crowd, why not mix it up and put some old silk scarves to use? You can use any long, narrowed piece of scarf or ribbon for this DIY watch band, simply take any fabric or leather strap watch you no long wear, remove the band and loop or adhere the new fabric in its place. This looks best when you give yourself enough slack with the scarf or ribbon so that you can double-wrap it around your wrist and fix a bow in place. Much like the trend of tying a small scarf onto the handle of your purse, this look is on its way to being the next big thing in watch-style.

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Re-purpose with ribbon

Once upon a time, there was a major surge in statement necklaces with ribbon-ties. No longer such a hot trend, try re-purposing these pieces by using them as a headband instead. If you’re loving the look but don’t have any ribbon-tie necklaces on hand, simply find a necklace you would like to use, shorten it or double it up for added impact, and fasten enough ribbon to either side to allow for you to secure it easily each time you wear it. PS: This is where that jewellery kit with extra clasps and wire cutters will come in handy!

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